Maternity clothing essentials every pregnant woman needs

Who has the time to completely overhaul their wardrobe?! We’ve rounded up the ten maternity essentials worth investing for your future photo session that will freeze these beautiful memories.

Pregnancy photography at home by My Little Moana...

1/10 - The ultra-long tank

Don’t underestimate these basic tank tops as you’ll likely live in them all pregnancy long. The extra-long length is ideal for when you’re still transitioning from classic sizes to maternity (and perhaps doing the hair-elastic trick around the top button of your jeans) keeping everything tucked away and concealed. In your third trimester, they’re also useful as they layer under knits and blouses that might be a tad too short.

Kindred Bravely Ultra Soft Organic Cotton Maternity & Nursing Tank for Breastfeeding:

2/10 - Opaque Pregnancy legging

Sure, your regular leggings will work for a while, but once you find that the pesky waistband keeps rolling down every time you move a maternity style is needed. To avoid any knicker issues, make sure you go with a pair that’s completely opaque or has a thick double-knit.

Essentials for Mothers Maternity Pregnant Women Leggings

3/10 - Baby Peeking T Shirt

We think that you will love this one and that everyone around you will have a laugh of of life time while seeing your new baby outfit.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts are made from the finest quality garments, making our shirts the softest, most comfortable apparel you'll ever wear.  In addition to superior materials, our top notch printing process and high quality inks result in durable, well crafted clothing that will be sure to hold up well in the wash.  

4/10 - Motherhood Women's Pregnancy dress

A dress that will grow with you is essential to your wardrobe. This A-line (or trapeze) silhouette can be belted in your first or second trimester and then worn without a belt as your bump gets bigger. Try layering a turtleneck or fitted blouse underneath or simply add a necklace to switch things up from week to week.

  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

  • Imported

  • Pull On closure

  • Machine Wash

5/20 - Cowl Neck and Over The Shoulder Maternity Dress

This type of dress is perfect for a photo session in the park with "My Little Moana".

Mother Bee Maternity offer great quality products designed with comfort in mind for every day wear. Choose between beautiful floral patterns or plain colors that perfectly show off your growing belly.

  • 96% Polyester 4% Spandex


Love it! Great material and color.

I loved it!!! I only wish they had white 😥. But this color is beautiful as well. I ordered a size medium. Chest size is about 38 in right now. I'm 4'11 so this dress is too long but that's ok as I will be using it for my maternity photoshoot ! Otherwise, the material is great, super soft and comfy.

6/10 - Guosurelly Women Chest Cutout Breastfeeding Shirt

Why do you need a nursing top?

If you’ve decided to breastfeed, you probably have a range of nursing bras that clip down to allow your baby access when it's time for a feeding session. When you’re at home with family, you’re probably totally fine lifting up your shirt (or taking it off entirely) to nurse.

Out in public, that may be another story. (Though you’re welcome to nurse in any way you like, of course.) A nursing top is designed to allow you to breastfeed while keeping your stomach and most of your torso covered up. For many, that’s simply more comfortable — and warm.

7/10 - Nursing Bra

When should I get a nursing bra?

From 4-8 weeks post birth, you breasts will return to the size they were at 8 months of pregnancy. This generally happens as the body has learnt just how much milk is required to feed your baby and it no longer produces excess. For nursing, it's best to be fitted for your nursing bra after 4 weeks of feeding.

8/10 - Pregnancy Swimming suit

Choosing the best maternity swimsuit.

There are a wide variety of pregnancy bathing suit styles to choose from, including one pieces, bikinis and skirts. Here are other features to keep on your radar when shopping for a maternity swimsuit:

  • Extra support. Tops should keep you supported and comfortable, ideally with adjustable straps.

  • Adjustable bottoms. Having the option to tighten or loosen the sides help accommodate your growing belly.

  • Comfortable material. A good pregnancy swimsuit should never sag or be too tight, but it also should be stretchy enough to grow with you.

  • Maternity-friendly designs. Many of these suits are designed with you and your body in mind 

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9/10 - Pregnancy skinny jean

What to look for in maternity jeans

  • Waistband. Maternity jeans tend to come with three different kinds of waistbands: an under-the-bump band, side paneling or over-the-bump paneling. While the style you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference, over-the-bump paneling generally provides the smoothest support for your midsection (and is nice for ladies who prefer their jeans sit a little bit higher), under-the-bump waistbands can provide support from below and side paneling is the closest you’ll get to your regular ol’ jeans.

  • Stretch. You’ll want to try pairs in question on (or scour reviews) to find out just how much give a pair has if you’re looking for stretch. This can be especially important with a growing body — and even more important if the jeans are tight to begin with.

  • Price point. As is true with regular denim, maternity jeans range in price from super affordable to splurge status. Depending on how often you’ll wear your maternity jeans (and maybe whether or not they can be worn after pregnancy, too), you’ll want to consider price before doling out.

10/10 - Maternity Dress for Photography

Another beautiful dress to invest for your pregnancy photo session. My Little Moana offer stunning photo session that can be taken in the park around Kuala-Lumpur area or even in the comfort of your home.

When should you take your maternity pictures?

If you're counting by weeks, schedule your session when you're around 30 weeks pregnant. If you take maternity photos after your eighth month of pregnancy, your maternity might be uncomfortable. You want to avoid taking photos when your belly feels too heavy, usually after 35 weeks.

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