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Octogenarian Odyssey - 13500km from Alaska to Panama | Discover Evolution

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Octogenarian Odyssey: Trading the Sofa for a Bicycle Seat The Story of an Octogenarian Odyssey Biking Around the World

Robert Fletcher

Who says fun is over for seniors?

80 is the new 50 and I am the living proof! I have been an adventurer my whole life. I climbed Kilimanjaro at 72 and have been approved by Guinness World Records to break the existing record of 8209.2 k. on an electric bicycle. I cycle major world tour routes for fun and am just getting started.

I would like to share my story for anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest, looking for a little inspiration to conquer their fears. My journey is for those who want to accomplish great things but find themselves having negative self-talk. This is for you. I hope it inspires you and encourages you to thrive...

Who Am I?

My name is Robert Fletcher. I am an adventure cyclist and will turn 80 in August 2022. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and worked as an educator before retiring over twenty years ago. I have been living in Costa Rica for the past five years where I rent e-bikes to natives and tourists looking for a better way to explore the town.

Since riding my bicycle through the French and English countryside in the 1970s, I made riding my lifelong obsession. I visited over 100 counties, biked in over 22. I just returned from two bike trips; Texas, where I completed an eight-day solo ebike tour of the Texas Hill Country, and a 12 day trip in September to Spain, where I made another solo trip in Mallorca.

Throughout the years, I’ve explored long-distance routes across the world. Some of the highlights of my adventures include:

- Ran five marathons with my fastest time of 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 29 seconds Completed three Olympic size triathlons

- Climbed Kilimanjaro in December 2014 and was the second oldest to do that climb that month. I also climbed Mount Fuji and Table Mountain in Cape Town

- Cycled from Anchorage, Alaska to Mexico City in 2015 in about four months at 10,400 km Rode from Quebec City to New Orleans in two months and nearly 4,200 km

- Cycled from Agra India to the bottom of India in two months and about 4,200 km Rode from Amsterdam to Rome in one month and about 3,000 km

- I am actively organizing a 1,500 km, 20-day cycling trip for 18 people around Costa Rica in February 2022.

Here are some media articles that were published about me and my past travels: TDA Global Cycling:

The Edmonton Journal: record-14000-km-bike-trip-to-mark-80th-birthday

MOD Bikes in Austin Texas:

epidemic sound

People ask me why I do what I do and why I choose to take on more adventures each year. They remind me that I could have a ‘comfortable’ life doing leisurely things like going shopping or eating out in restaurants. Why the constant need to push my limits? Sure, I could do all that but then I wouldn’t be getting out of my comfort zone, following my passions, or growing as a person. We only live once and we have to make the most of our time on this Earth. If I can inspire a few other people to do the same, my life mission will be accomplished.

If you would like a little inspiration on how to get out of your comfort zone, you can follow more of my journey and receive regular updates at

epidemic sound

About “Octogenarian Odyssey”

For my 80th Birthday, I will ride the Pan American Highway from Fairbanks, Alaska all the way to Panama City, which will set a new world record for the longest distance traveled on an e-bike. I have already finalized the route and the day-by-day itinerary. I will begin the journey on July 4, celebrate my 80th Birthday in Newport Beach, Oregon; break the existing record near Mazatlan and have a grand fiesta in Panama City on December 6. My total time cycling will be 156 days covering 9 countries. A few wonderful sponsors including EVelo Bikes, Arrowhead Productions, Swagman Bike Racks, Nesbitt Burns Financials will join me on this journey. Arrowhead Productions will produce a documentary that will follow my journey and they will also act as my support team.

Additionally, since this is a special cycling journey during which I will not only be celebrating my 80th Birthday but also be breaking a new world record, I would love to memorialize this special trip and my adventures in a book titled “Octogenarian Odyssey”. I am currently working with a ghostwriter who is helping me put my experiences on paper from the outset of the journey until the end.

The book will be available for ($19.95) and digital format ($9.95) once it is finalized. I would like this book to inspire others that may have similar ambitions to take on adventurous missions or get out of their comfort zones. I would like to remind everyone that anything that one sets their minds to is possible, regardless of age. Determination and passion are key to unlocking your superpowers!

The Ask

Through this crowdfunding campaign, I am seeking to raise $16,000 which will be used towards the writing, printing, and design of my book “Octogenarian Odyssey”. The funds raised will be utilized as follows:

$10,000: Ghostwriter $ 5,000: Book printing and design $ 1,000: Miscellaneous expenses

The Perks

When you contribute to my campaign, you will have the chance to select one of the following exciting perks:

Discount (Contributions of $15): You will receive a copy of the “Octogenarian Odyssey” for $15 instead of $19.95.

Basic Plus Package (Contributions of $17): You will receive a copy of the “Octogenarian Odyssey” book and a ticket for a draw to win a Facebook Live interview with me.

Silver Package (Contributions of $35): You will receive everything under the Basic Plus Package and four (4) handwritten postcards from various places on our Alaska to Panama City route.

Gift Set Package (Contributions of $69): You will receive five (5) copies of the “Octogenarian Odyssey” book and five (5) tickets for a draw to win a Facebook Live interview with me.

Gold Package (Contributions of $75): You will receive a copy of the “Octogenarian Odyssey” book, four (4) handwritten postcards from various places on our Alaska to Panama City route, a ticket for a draw to win a Facebook Live interview with me and your name mentioned in the donor page of “Octogenarian Odyssey”.

Platinum Package (Contribution of $2,00O): One (1) signed copy of the “Octogenarian Odyssey”, a 15-minute Facebook Live interview with me, eight (8) handwritten postcards from various places on my Alaska to Panama City route, your name mentioned in the donor page of “Octogenarian Odyssey” and the book dedicated to you. There is only one Platinum Package available.

I am looking forward to sending your handwritten postcards from Latin America and mailing out copies of my new book to your address. I know that this past year has been a tough year for many so if you are not able to contribute, I understand. Please share this campaign link and my adventures with your friends, family, and anyone who may get inspired by my story.

Join me on this incredible journey of discovering the world on a bike, breaking a new world record all at the young age of 80...

If you would like to get inspired come and join my adventures. Do not ever stop going after your goals. Take a leap, have faith, and keep living life to the fullest every day!


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