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Outdoor extended family sessions

Outdoor extended family photo sessions by My Little Moana Photography in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.

Your family is changing and growing every year

I love seeing the way a family grows and morphs throughout the decades.

It starts with two people having their first baby, then a couple more, and one day you look around and realize you’ve created a family: a tribe of people you adore more than you could have imagined the day you married.

When I photograph extended families and see 3+ generations come together, I get to observe the different dynamics that emerge when children become adults, in-laws are introduced into the families, and grand-kids come along.

I can tell right off the bat who the funny brother-in-law is, which grand-kid makes everyone laugh out loud, which sibling is the youngest, and why everyone adores Grandma.

What to expect

The process of an extended family session is a little different than the typical family portrait session since there are more groupings and arranging everyone requires a bit more time.

We start with the large group portrait right at first since that's usually the priority. Then we break down into smaller groupings of individual families, just grand-kids, original family, just kids, etc.

These sessions take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group but I work quickly and efficiently (and I think I'm pretty fun...) so everyone stays happy!


Ready to Book?

Here's how the process usually goes:

Session fees or event deposits are paid at booking.

Before the session or event, we'll correspond about your ideas and hopes for the photographs and make sure we're on the same page.

On the day of our shoot, I'm friendly, easygoing, quick, and fun! Your photos are edited and returned within 5 working days via Wetransfer with instant download.

BOOK Now: +60 11 1631 4884 (Roman & Fizah)

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