Time to celebrate restrictions lifting with a new 2020 Family Photo!

Okay, fellow moms, admit it—you’ve got tons of cute family photos on your phone. But the chances of nabbing that frame-worthy shot for the living room wall are slim to none. When it comes to family photos, sometimes you need to call in the pros (ya know, for proof that your whole clan can clean up nicely!)

I have been in the photography industry for over 8 years, with the last 3 running my own business.

I am dedicated to document how it felt. I want my images to timelessly remind my subject how it felt to be a part of your family, to laugh, to hold your youngest child. I am grateful to give my clients memories of it was truly like to be a part of your family.

Kids. They're amazing to work with. Totally unpredictable and give the best expressions. My favorite images of children are the ones that really show their personalities, So that's what I strive to do for you. Don't worry, I also get great laughing, and genuine smiles too. I pride myself on my ability to get kids of all ages to crack a smile.

Book your Family photo session: Whatsapp: +60 11 1631 4884

Email at info@littlemoana.com

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