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To see a photograph by French photographer Roman Onillon, is to see a reflection of the emotions of his subjects. You witness a moment documented in time: true authenticity. With over 13 years in the industry - from his tenure as a photo-journalist  exclusive photographer - Roman's experience and artistic sensitivity give him a unique ability to see and capture the world with pure magic. According to Roman, “I'm not fan of staged photographs and I don't pose my subjects. I want to catch that special moment when there's no pretense and the real person, and the real situation comes through. A loving first kiss of the newly married couple. The joyous laughter of friends. That's the greatest beauty of all."

"I love capturing honest, emotional moments and prefer never to stage or create something that does not feel real."

Whether it be wedding photography or a head shot, a special event or a family portrait, Roman focuses on taking pictures of the real, beautiful you. A picture is worth a thousand words - so let Roman write you a novel.


Endless Love


Kuala-Lumpur wedding photographer by Roman Onillon