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His dedication to capturing the essence of every moment, whether it's a family's laughter, the intimacy of maternity, or the grandeur of corporate events, is truly exceptional.


Photographer Kuala Lumpur

Dhana adds a unique feminine touch to our team. Specializing in family bonds, maternity marvels, and the tender innocence of newborns, her photographs resonate with warmth and authenticity.


Photographer Kuala Lumpur

Khatrick transforms life's moments into captivating cinematic tales. His keen eye for detail and storytelling prowess craft visual narratives that tug at the heartstrings. Whether documenting grand events or intimate personal stories


Videographer Kuala Lumpur

Meet your Team

"Welcome to My Little Moana Photography! We're a dynamic team of lens magicians based in a vibrant

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


From family gatherings to corporate galas, from newborn giggles to breathtaking travel escapades, we specialize in turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. Meet our passionate photographers and videographer, led by Roman, the visionary behind the lens.


Together, we're dedicated to capturing life's most precious moments, creating visual stories that tug at your heartstrings. Join us in Kuala Lumpur or wherever your story unfolds, and let's craft unforgettable memories together!"

Corporate Videography Services

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