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"Welcome to My Little Moana Photography, where moments turn into memories. As a passionate French portrait photographer based in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, I specialize in a diverse range of photography services, including family, couple, newborn, maternity, influencer, corporate events, headshots, & private travel. 


With an artistic touch and an eye for detail, I'm dedicated to creating stunning visual stories that resonate with your unique style. Whether you're in Malaysia or anywhere around the world, I'm ready to travel to freeze your special moments in time.

Explore our portfolio and let's turn your vision into captivating reality. Contact me today to schedule your personalized photography session."

"Capturing Timeless Moments, One Click at a Time"

Family Photographer Kuala-Lumpur

What We Do

Family Photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Celebrate the love and connection within your family with our heartwarming family photography. We capture genuine moments that you'll cherish forever. View more."

Family Photo


Indoor photography Kuala-Lumpur

"Indoor family sessions offer a cozy and intimate backdrop for your moments together. Let us capture your family's warmth in the comfort of your home. View more."

Indoor Family Photo


Corporate Event Photography & Videography Services

"Elevate your corporate events with our professional photography. We document your milestones and achievements in style. View more."

Corporate Event


Couple Photo session Kuala-Lumpur

"Love knows no bounds, and neither does our couples photography. We frame your love story with stunning visuals that speak volumes. View more."



Pregnancy photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Embrace the beauty of motherhood with our pregnancy photography. We capture the glow and anticipation of this incredible journey. View more."



Newborn photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Welcome your bundle of joy with our newborn photography. We specialize in capturing the sweetness and innocence of your newborn. View more."



Corporate Event Photographer Kuala-Lumpur
Graduation Photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Commencement marks a significant milestone. Our graduation photography preserves the joy and pride of your achievement. View more."



Birthday Party photographer Kuala-lumpur

"Celebrate birthdays in style with our birthday party photography. We capture the laughter, excitement, and memories. View more."

Birthday Party


"Make a lasting impression with our corporate headshot photography. We highlight your professionalism and personality in every frame. View more."

Corporate Headshot


Modeling photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"For aspiring and established models, we offer striking modeling photography. Elevate your portfolio with our artistic shots. View more."

Modeling / Influencers


Wedding Photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Your special day deserves extraordinary photography. Our wedding photography tells the story of your love and commitment. View more."



Holiday Photographer Kuala-Lumpur

"Capture the essence of your holidays with our holiday photography. We transform your adventures into visual tales. Contact us."

Holiday Photographer


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