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Choose the Location that its close from you Heart.

Weding photographer & videographer in Kuala-Lumpur

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Choose the destination close to your heart


"Embark on a journey to capture your unforgettable moments with My Little Moana Photography. We offer exceptional wedding photography and videography services that bring your love story to life in the most beautiful and memorable way.

Choose your dream location, whether it's the pristine shores of Perhentian Island, the turquoise waters of Redang Island, the misty hills of Cameron Highlands, or any other destination close to your heart. Our experienced team, led by Roman, is ready to travel to your chosen location and create stunning visual narratives that preserve your special day.

Contact us today to discuss your wedding plans, share your vision, and let us be a part of your love story. Together, we'll craft timeless memories that you'll cherish forever. Don't miss the opportunity to book our wedding photography and videography services, ensuring your unforgetable moment is captured with beauty, creativity, and professionalism."

This description highlights the flexibility of your services, your dedication to capturing unforgettable moments, and the personalized touch you bring to each wedding.


Weding photographer & videographer in Kuala-Lumpur
Weding photographer & videographer in Kuala-Lumpur
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